The information you provide is important in managing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The Infectious Diseases Act requires a person who has reason to suspect that he is a case or carrier of COVID-19, or has had contact with a person with COVID-19, to act in a responsible manner to not expose other persons to the risk of infection by the disease.

Information provided here is strictly for the above mentioned purpose.



    Contact Number

    Date & Time of Visit

    Temperature Reading

    Have you travelled abroad (i.e. to any countries outside of Singapore) in the past 14 days? NoYes

    Do you have flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever, cough etc.)?

    Did you, in the past 14 days, come in close contact with someone who
    (i) Is a confirmed COVID-19 case; OR (ii) Is part of a COVID-19 cluster?